MC2AMulti-Mission Command and Control Aircraft (now Multisensor Command and Control Aircraft)
MC2AMultisensor Command and Control Aircraft (formerly Multi-Mission Command and Control Aircraft)
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Put MP-RTIP, with a 4-foot aperture, on a wide body aircraft, and there is lots of room for the MC2A joint battle management and integration module!
For the first time ever, we established an airborne IP network using Tactical Targeting Network Technology and common data links, connecting it back through quadruple redundant communications on our MC2A risk-reduction aircraft called Paul Revere.
"All three members of our team bring strong legacies that provide the Air Force with the best value option for the MC2A program.
The MC2A program aims to develop a next-generation system to augment the current fleet of Joint STARS aircraft.
The MP-RTIP will be a modular, scaleable, X-band, active electronically-scanned array (AESA) with simultaneous SAR and GMTI (the JSTARS and most current SARs must shift between modes) intended for both the MC2A and the Global Hawk UAV.
One industry source noted that the Air Force cannot afford any major delays in the JTRS program, because it needs to integrate it with its new multi-sensor command and control aircraft, the MC2A.
An update on the latest developments in the MC2A program can be found on page 18.
The radar will also be produced for the manned Multi-Sensor Command and Control Aircraft (MC2A) (see "Momentum Builds on MC2A Program," JED, March 2003, p.
After Jumper unveiled the MC2A concept more than two years ago, a great deal of confusion ensued, primarily about what exactly MC2A was supposed to accomplish and whether the Air Force was prepared to spend the tens of billions of dollars it would cost to replace the entire fleet of 33 AWACS early-warning planes, 17 Joint STARS ground-surveillance platforms and 14 Rivet Joint signals-intelligence aircraft.
Already on the path to acquiring the platform and main sensor system for the program, the US Air Force (USAF) is preparing to take the next step in its plans to develop its Multimission Command and Control Aircraft (MC2A) with a sole-source award, planned for next month, to a team comprised of Boeing (Seattle, WA), Northrop Grumman (Melbourne, FL), and Raytheon (El Segundo, CA) for weapon-system integration.
According to Bradford, EADS will participate in the competition for the Air Force multi-mission command and control aircraft, the MC2A. He also stressed that the company needs to gain exposure in big-ticket projects.
The crews aboard the MC2A would use the data available to help pinpoint those targets within minutes.