MC6Sixth Ministerial Conference (World Trade Organization)
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Cluster A consisted of nine isolates (MC8, MC7, MK9, MC4, MC2, MC6, KT2, MK12, and MK11) obtained from soils collected from all the three counties, while cluster B contained four isolates (MC10, MC5, KT1, and KT3) from Machakos and Kitui counties.
Yellow birch wood surfaces were protected in this study with six different types of multilayer coatings (MCs), namely, MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5, and MC6. Each MC consisted of three layers: primer, sealer, and topcoat.
Three MCs, namely MC1, MC4 and MC6, join MR1 at 10th s, 40th s and 60th s, respectively while the other three MCs, MC2, MC3, and MC5, associate with MR2 at 20th s, 30th s and 50th s.
As populacoes utilizadas sao predominantemente de graos com endosperma amarelo do tipo dentado, mas MC6, MC7, MC21 e MC26 tem graos amarelos semidentados e MC7, MC28 e MC29 possuem graos dentados e segregantes para cor do endosperma.
The samples were scanned afterwards, using a MC6 Metallographic Microscope with 100x, 150x and 500x magnifying factor.
The resistance from the peripheral grounds against the Sixth Ministerial Conference (MC6) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) was the essence of decentralized grassroots small movements.
[SIGMA]CHL is the total concentration of oxychlordane, trans-chlordane, nonachlor III (MC6), trans-nonachlor, cis-nonachlor, and heptachlor epoxide.
MC6. Determine the empirical coverage probabilities of the asymptotic and bootstrap confidence intervals from the results of 1,000 repetitions of steps MC4 and MC5.
With a strategy to expand its offer and continue to invest in its PS100m campus, the College continues to develop its outstanding facilities including the sixth form centre, MC6, and PS20m STEM Engineering Centre.
Along with launches from UK-origin Princess 55 from Princess Yachts and the MC6 - 2019 Model from SF Yachts, set to be displayed for the first time in the Middle East.