MCAAPMcAlester Army Ammunition Plant
MCAAPMassachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Waltham, MA)
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MCAAP stores and delivers just about any ammunition a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine requires; from 5.
Cecil Sanders, a MCAAP shipping supervisor, said the pallets are not just for internal use--up to 60,000 are made each year for other customers.
The Defense Department only owns four such heat chambers, two of which are located at MCAAP.
MCAAP is considered to be the Army's center of expertise when it comes to rail-line repair.
As MCAAP looked for additional ways to support America's service members, it partnered with the best of the nation's defense industries to produce the newest and best products.
is among the first of a dozen or so major defense contractors with whom MCAAP has partnered.
A year later MCAAP teamed up with Texas Instruments and later Raytheon to produce the High Speed Anti Radiation Missile.