MCADSMaritime Craft Air Delivery System
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Typically, maritime SOF teams deploy the MCADS before following the cargo load via amphibious static line or military free fall parachutes.
MCADS shall be considered as a system that includes:
The MCADS must be certified for use in the Danish C-130J Hercules
Additional accessories related to the use and maintenance of MCADS
A number of recent significant achievements for the Airborne Systems MCADS includes the delivery, last August, of new platforms for the UK Ministry of Defence.
* Chris Rowe, managing director of Airborne Systems Europe, said: "This is a major contract for our Llangeinor facility and another significant endorsement of both our proprietary MCADS system, and the manufacturing industry in Wales and the UK.
"With the current increase in maritime piracy, a number of countries have shown an interest in having this MCADS capability."
A boat can be sent out of the back of these aircraft by using the Mcads extractor parachute to pull the boat down the cargo ramp and into the air.
Many Special Forces are understandably coy about revealing the equipment they use for their missions, and the Mcads is thought to have been acquired by several militaries around the world, including the US Special Operations Command.
France's Mcads will be used with the Armee de l'Air (French Air Force) forthcoming Airbus A400M freighter.