MCAMMelanoma Cell Adhesion Molecule
MCAMMultimedia Content Analysis and Mining (workshop)
MCAMMills College Art Museum (Oakland, CA)
MCAMMechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba (Canada)
MCAMMuslim Consumer Association of Malaysia (est. 1997)
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Under the MCAM component, mediators from the Philippine Mediation Center assist the parties to settle their differences and arrive at amicable settlement.
The MCAM can estimate the rainfall forecast (mm/h) at the station.
The Health Hazard Assessment Program, a program within US Army Institute of Public Health, has developed a MCAM ICD-9 Analysis Tool that bridges the gaps among medical cost components (medical costs, lost time, disability, etc.) and provides the user with a comprehensive tool to demonstrate ROI for prevention programs.
(10.) Coelho RW, Keller B, Kuczynski KM, Ribeiro JrEJ, Lima MCAM, Greboggy DL, Stefanello JMF.
In addition, the company will discuss the progress on its lead programmes: NEOD001, a monoclonal antibody targeting AL and AA amyloid for the potential treatment of amyloidosis; PRX002, a monoclonal antibody targeting alpha-synuclein for the potential treatment of Parkinson's disease and PRX003, a monoclonal antibody targeting MCAM (melanoma cell adhesion molecule) for the potential treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancers.
Some of the most promising candidates include melanoma cell adhesion molecule (MCAM), stem cell factor (SCF), HSP-27, and vimentin [39-41] since these proteins have a crucial role in normal, as well as pathological cell functions and can be found within the primary tumor.
(35.) Kotait I, Nogueira Filho VS, Souza MCAM, Carrieri ML, Gomes MN, Peres NF.
Today, Jackson is special projects coordinator of the MCAM TV 23 (Manchester Community Access Media).
UK wealth manager Midas Capital (LON:MDS) announced it had agreed to sell Guernesey-based Midas Capital International, or MCI, together with subsidiary Midas Capital Ltd, and South African Midas Capital Asset Management, or MCAM, for an initial cash price of GBP300,000 (USD906,000/EUR673,000).
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