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The MCAPI API specification is designed to capture the basic elements of communication and synchronisation that are required for closely distributed embedded systems.
Enea is implementing MCAPI API standard over its existing LINX protocol, offering the market an MCAPI API solution that is interoperable between all nodes, interconnects and OS/RTOS platforms.
Recently, there has been much interest in MCAPI in the market, especially with silicon vendors," said Marcus Hjortsberg, vice president of marketing at Enea.
The MCAPI Working Group has just recently re-engaged to define and develop a subsequent version of this Multicore Association specification," said Markus Levy, Multicore Association president.
Enea is currently demonstrating MCAPI over LINX to partners and customers.
The Poly-Messenger/MCAPI - ThreadX combination is the first commercial MCAPI RTOS integration to reach the market, and represents an exciting next step towards MCAPI industry adoption," commented Markus Levy, president of The Multicore Association (www.
We are excited to offer ThreadX support in Poly-Messenger/MCAPI, the first MCAPI implementation providing consistent and efficient multicore communication for ThreadX-based applications," stated Sven Brehmer, president and CEO of PolyCore Software and chairman for the Multicore Association's MCAPI working group.
MCAPI has been defined to flexibly support hundreds of processor cores and systems with tight memory constraints, fast task execution times, reliable on-chip interconnect and high system throughput requirements.
As one of the first organizations to support MCAPI, VirtualLogix is setting a powerful precedent for the industry-wide adoption of standards that enable applications to provide basic, simple and efficient multicore communication functionality between closely distributed processors in embedded systems," said Sven Brehmer, chairman of the Multicore Association MCAPI working group and president and CEO for PolyCore Software.
Entryware MCAPI complements regular CAPI running on laptop PCs.