MCARAMartin County Amateur Radio Association (Stuart, FL)
MCARAMarine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association
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Because of the way in which this important case was handled, members of MCARA called upon the Attorney-General of Manitoba to establish an independent inquiry into (1) the circumstances of the police investigation, (2) the relations between the police and the crown both during and after the investigation and (3) the extent of organized racist activity in Manitoba and the links between the Manitoba KKK and groups in other jurisdictions.
Indeed, in an unsolicited letter sent to MCARA by a 'White Christian Patriot' associated with the US-based National Alliance which preaches that the "White Man is the Earth's Most Endangered Species," Harcus is hailed as a champion of human rights and of free speech
While groups such as MCARA and activists from the Jewish and Afrian-Canadian community closely monitored and opposed the Klan and thus were open to harassment and reprisals, what was needed was an even broader front.