MCAVModified Constant Angular Velocity
MCAVMiddle Cerebral Artery Velocity
MCAVMountain Cattlemen's Association of Victoria (est. 1835; Rosedale, Victoria, Australia)
MCAVMechanized Cavalry
MCAVMaximum Chemical Acceptability Value
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The middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity (MCAv) was measured using 2-MHz pulsed transcranial doppler ultrasonography (Multidop T; DWL, Sipplingen, Germany).
MCAV commanders always want task completion time to be as short as possible, in MCAV/UCAV cooperative engagement system; it is necessary to introduce the influence of task completion time into the model.
Aiming at the UCAV cooperative task allocation problem under MCAV's limited control, we establish the task allocation model considering attack benefit, attack cost, and task completion time comprehensively and propose a novel algorithm called IMGACA to solve the model.
By means of forming task coalition, MCAVs cooperate with UCAVs to execute combat tasks, and in this way they can exert respective advantages [2].
Basic elements in MCAV/UCAV cooperative task allocation problem include MCAVs, UCAVs, and tasks.
Therefore, we attempted to combine the two risk factors, the increase in MCAV and the increase in BP after CEA, to create a more precise parameter to predict the patients at high risk of CHS.
*Underwent emergency CEA *No temporal windows to measure the MCAV by TCD *Stenosis caused by nonatherosclerotic diseases *Refusal to sign the ethical information consent form.
*Preoperation: The MCAV (V [sub]pre ) and BP [sub]pre were registered 10 min before anesthetic admitted.
After check out, guests will also be able to purchase the Ekocycle sheets (starting at $207) and MCAV ($75) at
These MCAV increments are indicative of normal autoregulation of middle cerebral arterial smooth muscle.
Table 5 summarizes the treatment-related correlations between MCAV and each of the important cardiovascular variables measured and computed, across the four conditions studied (baseline rest and three submaximal levels of aerobic exercise).
Although significant beetroot juice treatment-related changes (increases) in MCAV were restricted to 40% and 80% of the predetermined V[O.sub.2peak] workloads, beetroot juice treatment-related decrements in computed CVRI were detected at rest and at the 40%, 60%, and 80% V[O.sub.2peak] workloads.