MCCDCMarine Corps Combat Development Command
MCCDCMetropolitan Community Church of Washington, DC
MCCDCMarin City Community Development Corporation (Marin City, CA)
MCCDCMorgan Car Club, Washington, DC
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Putting Mattis in charge of the MCCDC seemed, at the time, a way to infuse a hidebound procurement agency with new energy.
The Marine Corps science and technology division that Gayl had officially lambasted in 2004 was part of the MCCDC, and the briefing he gave to Mattis, newly installed as its leader, was not well received, Gayl recalls.
The ones who get promoted are the ones who get the gear out there regardless of whether it's right," a lieutenant colonel who worked at the MCCDC told me.
What happened, it appears, is during the spring of 2005, staff from the MCCDC and other Marines met to discuss McGriff's request.
It has not escaped the inspector general's notice, meanwhile, that the official who reported those footnotes to the NCIS was formerly General Mattis's chief civilian aide at the MCCDC, the staffer who oversaw the 2005 briefing that Gayl claimed to the press and Congress had hobbled the original MRAP requests.
USSOCOM and MCCDC are using it as the starting point for a co-led IW-focused Joint Capabilities-based Assessment (CBA) that began in August 2007.
Paul based MCCDC is an affiliate of Model Cities of St.
The Deputy Commander, for C4I Integration (C4II) at the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), works with the MCCDC command and control infrastructure (C2I) and Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) C4 to identify the connectivity interfaces between these layers and ensures the identified material solutions create a fully integrated environment.
MCCDC command and control infrastructure group presented this problem to the Senior Advisory Council of the Joint Test and Evaluation Program Office, and the Marine Corps was assigned as the lead for a new Joint Feasibility Study (JFS) known as the Joint Mobile Network Operations (JMNO) JFS.
description: Since 1992, MCCDC has sponsored an annual war game with the NDIA and one of its predecessors, the National Security Industrial Association (NSIA).