MCCDMAMulti-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access
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The Bayesian water filling game model in the MCCDMA transmitter plays against the behavior of a wireless channel and assigns power level to the respective sub carriers.
Then the MCCDMA symbols are transmitted through MIMO system of [N.sub.t], [N.sub.r] antennas with channel matrix H ([tau], t) [8,9] as shown in Fig.
The capacity improvement of MCCDMA using IWFA is compared with power allocation without water filling algorithm.
4 shows a comparison of the throughput in terms of BPS (Bits per Symbol) for adaptive modulation based MCCDMA technique and Fig.
The power control and sub carrier group assignment strategy in the MCCDMA system improves the BER performance by eliminating transmission on poor subcarrier.
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3: Mean capacity of adaptive modulation based MCCDMA system
4: Performance of bit per symbol in adaptive modulation based MCCDMA system.
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