MCCLAMission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (San Francisco, CA)
MCCLAMetropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles (California)
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"Latinos tend to be seen as a monolithic group," comments Jennie Rodriguez, executive director of the MCCLA, "but there is so much diversity and nuance within us.
At its 30th Anniversary Gala, the MCCLA honored seven longtime supporters and advocates with Awards in Excellence: Galeria de La Raza (Community Organization), Tomasita Medal (Cultural & Artistic Service Award), Jackeline Rago (Music Award), Francisco Camplis--Danza Xitlali (Performing Arts/Dance Award), Carlos Baron (Spoken Word--Literature), Michael Roman (Visual Arts Award), and Loco Bloco (Youth Award).
"We work as a family," continues Rodriguez," and at our receptions and functions, we see familiar faces who always support us as a house of arts and culture that also deals with relevant issues, be it housing or immigration." Another concern for the future of the MCCLA is the changing neighborhood demographics.