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MCCOYSMuskogee County Council of Youth Services (Oklahoma)
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Another twenty-four hours and we'll be there," Captain Davenport assured McCoy.
It's off to the westward," McCoy said encouragingly.
But it was McCoy who went forward, and in a few minutes had the boy comforted and asleep.
We're all right now, Captain," said McCoy, standing close to his shoulder.
I am no navigator, Captain," McCoy said in his mild way.
Officers and men were working like mad, cook and cabin boy, Captain Davenport himself, and McCoy all lending a hand.
And the first mate saw, and McCoy saw, and the crew saw, what he had seen.
If we wreck her here," McCoy added, "we'd have to make the run to Barclay de Tolley in the boats just the same.
Again Captain Davenport consulted McCoy and the chart.
Captain Davenport and the first mate, revolvers in hand, were advancing to the break of the poop, when McCoy, who had climbed on top of the cabin, began to speak.
They were Young, John Adams, McCoy, who was my great-grandfather, and Quintal.
Yes, they were very bad," McCoy agreed and went on serenely cooing of the blood and lust of his iniquitous ancestry.