MCCSRMinimum Continuing Capital and Surplus Requirements (insurance)
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As for the results of Test T, which analyzes the difference of the averages, the assumptions for the checking of the manipulation for the variable MCCSR was significant (p=0,0000 e F=37,403), highlighting that the hypothesis of equality between the groups with and without RSC cannot be accepted (Table 4).
Notably, two analysis of variance matrixes is presented, aiming to verify the impact that MCCSR has on dependent variables (BE and BI).
This makes it possible to assure that MCCSR does impact on BE.
They also seem to become more motivated to boycott a company with low MCCSR in their own perception.
Thus, there is statistical difference between groups with or without MCCSR on boycott intention as an individual strategy to punish the Alpha company.
Manipulating MCCSR variable incorporating CSR Theory concepts, the impact of these concepts was verified on BE and BI.
On the MCCSR variable aspects of CSR based on Stakeholders' Theory were considered.
2] the consumer considers that boycott effectiveness depends on his participation and participation of others consumers and together they can make pressure to change the negative MCCSR company behavior.
2], a negative MCCSR context consumer has intention to boycott a company.
Besides the fact that the amplification of this concept and the confirmation that the low perception of MCCSR may influence the boycott, they are two marginal contributions to the general aim of this paper which can be presented here as they impact on the theory of consumer's boycott.
The second one is regarded to the experiment method which aims to generalize results; but at the same time, this limitation is suitable to the objective of this research as its targets was to verify the difference among groups of consumers who were influenced by MCCSR variable (manipulated group, negative MCCSR) and those who were part of a control group (positive MCCSR).
This would include the MCCSR ratio falling below 200%;