MCCVManufacturers Council of the Central Valley (Modesto, CA)
MCCVMaltese Community Council of Victoria, Inc. (Parkville, Victoria, Australia)
MCCVMobile Command/Communications Vehicle (National Interop, Inc.)
MCCVMcHenry County Conservation Voters (Illinois Conservation Voters)
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The study results showed that MD was a major public health problem in the Federal District due to its morbidity and mortality especially before the introduction of MCCV.
With regard to the potential direct impact of MCCV, the analysis evidenced a two-third reduction of the overall incidence of MD, 80% reduction in total cases of MD due to serogroup C and 85% reduction in cases due to serogroup C in cohorts exposed to vaccine.
The potential indirect impact of MCCV in children aged four years requires further investigation and longer follow-up.
The technology the MCCV contains will help Tillamook 9-1-1 facilitate more effective communication among emergency personnel, which is imperative during major emergencies," said Eric Swanson, Tillamook 9-1-1 Administrator.
The MCCV has the capability to be operational within 10 minutes of arriving on-scene and does not require that land-based infrastructure be operational.