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MCDMinor Civil Division
MCDMunicipal Corporation of Delhi
MCDMcDonalds (restaurant)
MCDMichael Clarke Duncan (actor)
MCDMerced (Amtrak station code; Merced, CA)
MCDMedicare Coverage Database
MCDMcduck (Disney character)
MCDMelbourne Cup Day (Melbourne, Australia)
MCDMulticentric Castleman's Disease
MCDMacedonian (linguistics)
MCDMining Complex Data
MCDMultiple Cause of Death (mortality statistic)
MCDMathcad Document
MCDMulti Cd
MCDMultimedia Compact Disc
MCDMicrosoft Certified Dealer
MCDMovie Compact Disc
MCDMedia Center Deluxe
MCDMultimedia Classroom Display
MCDMacro Definition
MCDMini Client Driver
MCDMemory Control Data
MCDMulti Color Display
MCDMulti Card Drive
MCDMotherboard Configurable Devices
MCDMemory Card Driver
MCDMotor City Drive (Maryland)
MCDMad Cow Disease
MCDMarine Corps District
MCDModèle Conceptuel de Données (French: Conceptual Model of Data)
MCDMelbourne College of Divinity (Australia)
MCDMagnetic Circular Dichroism
MCDMichelin Challenge Design (creative thinking vehicle)
MCDMitel Communications Director (call control software)
MCDMurder City Devils (band)
MCDMaterial Composition Declaration
MCDMonastery of Christ in the Desert (Abiquiu, NM)
MCDMinimal-Change Disease
MCDMultiple Carboxylase Deficiency (genetic metabolic disorder)
MCDMaster of Civic Design (University of Liverpool; UK)
MCDMonth for Cyclical Dominance
MCDMorgan Club Deutschland (Germany)
MCDMini Client Driver (Microsoft/OpenGL)
MCDMild Cognitive Decline (medical measurement)
MCDMobile Computing Device
MCDMassimo Comun Divisore (Italian mathematical term)
MCDMotor Carrier Division (Michigan State Police)
MCDMore Core Division (clothing)
MCDMedical Care Development, Inc. (Augusta, ME)
MCDMunitions Control Division (US BIS)
MCDmacular corneal dystrophy
MCDMatra Club Deutschland eV (automobile club; Germany)
MCDMarried contrary to Discipline (Quaker religion)
MCDMedical Care Development International (Augusta, ME)
MCDMachine Control Data
MCDMultimedia Cartridge Drive
MCDMIssion Computer Display (US Air Force)
MCDMicrocavity Discharge
MCDMedical Crew Director
MCDMechanical Completion Dossier (oil production)
MCDMinimum Cost Design
MCDMobile Communications Device
MCDMagnetic Chip Detector (jet engine)
MCDMason Conservation District (Shelton, WA)
MCDMolecular Coincidence Detection
MCDManifold Circuit Design (hydraulic integrated circuit)
MCDMesserschmitt Club Deutschland (German automobile club)
MCDMicro Candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
MCDMaster of Community Development (various universities)
MCDMean Corpuscular Diameter
MCDMobile Communications Division
MCDManaged Care Division
MCDMain Cabin Door (aviation)
MCDManagement Control Division (Police Internal Affairs)
MCDMicrostrategy Certified Developer (certification)
MCDMissile Countermeasures Device (Bradley Fighting Vehicle)
MCDMaster Career Director (Career Directors International)
MCDManipulative Communication Deception
MCDMunicipal Construction Division (EPA)
MCDMinimal Control Dependencies
MCDMasters of Communication Disorders (college degree)
MCDMouvement Congolais pour la Démocratie (Congolese Movement for Democracy)
MCDMagnetic Coupling Device
MCDMain Contractors Discount
MCDMidwest Computer Depot (Hibbing, MN)
MCDMonthly Climatological Data
MCDMesocyclone Discussion (Storm Prediction Center, Norman, OK)
MCDMean Corrective Downtime
MCDMachine Code Detection
MCDMain Contractor's Discount (construction)
MCDMechanical Completion Date
MCDMission Change Data
MCDMinimum Chargeable Duration
MCDMarine Corps Combat Diver Course
MCDMultiple Cropping Department
MCDMessage Composition Device
MCDMines, Countermines, and Demolitions
MCDMedical Commodity Directorate
MCDMonthly Cost Determination
MCDMain Charge Disruptor
MCDMaritime Compliance Division (AMSEC)
MCDMilitary Couple(s) with Dependent(s)
MCDModel Contract Document (UK)
MCDMultiple-Car Discount (insurance)
MCDMicro Controller Device (MILES Component)
MCDMid Central Door (Waite Park, MN)
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Bhardwaj said: "It was revealed that in the internal audit department of the MCD around 147 units have been audited by internal audit, which constitutes only 4 per cent of the total units of SDMC whereas the rule states that 100 per cent audit is necessary."
As Live Nation already owns Ticketmaster, the CMA is concerned that if it were to acquire MCD, it may be able to stop rival promoters selling tickets through that platform post-merger.
Haitham al Salmi, general manager of MCD said, 'In line with our vision of strengthening the investment environment in Oman and the region, we have been working continuously to embrace the best practices around the world that would systematically reduce risks, enhance operating efficiency and minimise cost.
One male descendant had keratoconus while the other had MCD. Three children (two boys: 30 and 36-year-old man, one girl: 41 years old) showed the co-occurrence of both MCD and RP (figure 1).
The MCD toll booths have been placed at the narrowest stretch on the flyway.
The Omaha MCD concept eliminates this need by cutting the ambulatory positions in half and closing the technical decontamination line until it is needed.
Azour, Director MCD IMF about the Current Account Deficit, the finance minister said we had over $8 billion of import of capital goods during current FY which was not only necessary for increasing production capacity but also proves that private businesses are benefiting from low discount rates.
Optimal management strategies for MCD are not well defined and clinical practice varies.
We also investigated the performance of the proposed robust naive Bayes classifier in a comparison with classical naive Bayes as well as robust linear classifier based on the MVE, FsA, MCD, MCD-A, MCDB, MCD-C, and OGK estimators of the mean vectors and covariance matrices.
The members of MCD will be able to elect that M/C Saatchi purchase 50% of the remaining equity from 2016 and the remaining balance from 2018 for considerations based on future profits.
The MCD, which will have to be transposed into national law across the EU by March 2016, provides that passport notifications will need to be exchanged between national authorities competent for the registration and/or supervision of mortgage credit intermediaries across the EU member states.
This study included 73 eyes of 73 patients (28 MCD 20 GCG and 25 LCD patients).