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MCDMinor Civil Division
MCDMunicipal Corporation of Delhi
MCDMcDonalds (restaurant)
McdMacedonian (linguistics)
MCDMad Cow Disease
MCDMarine Corps District
MCDModèle Conceptuel de Données (French: Conceptual Model of Data)
MCDMagnetic Circular Dichroism
MCDMurder City Devils (band)
MCDMinimal-Change Disease
MCDMultiple Carboxylase Deficiency (genetic metabolic disorder)
MCDMini Client Driver (Microsoft/OpenGL)
MCDMobile Computing Device
MCDMassimo Comun Divisore (Italian mathematical term)
MCDMore Core Division (clothing)
MCDMotor Carrier Division (Michigan State Police)
MCDMedical Care Development, Inc. (Augusta, ME)
MCDmacular corneal dystrophy
MCDMedical Care Development International (Augusta, ME)
MCDMachine Control Data
MCDMultimedia Cartridge Drive
MCDMedical Crew Director
MCDMinimum Cost Design
MCDMobile Communications Device
MCDMagnetic Chip Detector (jet engine)
MCDMason Conservation District (Shelton, WA)
MCDMolecular Coincidence Detection
MCDMicro Candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
MCDMaster of Community Development (various universities)
MCDMean Corpuscular Diameter
MCDMobile Communications Division
MCDManaged Care Division
MCDMain Cabin Door (aviation)
MCDManagement Control Division (Police Internal Affairs)
MCDMicrostrategy Certified Developer (certification)
MCDMissile Countermeasures Device (Bradley Fighting Vehicle)
MCDMaster Career Director (Career Directors International)
MCDManipulative Communication Deception
MCDMunicipal Construction Division (EPA)
MCDMinimal Control Dependencies
MCDMasters of Communication Disorders (college degree)
MCDMain Contractors Discount
MCDMouvement Congolais pour la Démocratie (Congolese Movement for Democracy)
MCDMagnetic Coupling Device
MCDMidwest Computer Depot (Hibbing, MN)
MCDMonthly Climatological Data
MCDMain Contractor's Discount (construction)
MCDMean Corrective Downtime
MCDMachine Code Detection
MCDMesocyclone Discussion (Storm Prediction Center, Norman, OK)
MCDMarine Corps Combat Diver Course
MCDMission Change Data
MCDMechanical Completion Date
MCDMinimum Chargeable Duration
MCDMain Charge Disruptor
MCDMultiple Cropping Department
MCDMines, Countermines, and Demolitions
MCDMedical Commodity Directorate
MCDMessage Composition Device
MCDMonthly Cost Determination
MCDMaritime Compliance Division (AMSEC)
MCDMilitary Couple(s) with Dependent(s)
MCDMultiple-Car Discount (insurance)
MCDModel Contract Document (UK)
MCDMicro Controller Device (MILES Component)
MCDMid Central Door (Waite Park, MN)
MCDMatra Club Deutschland eV (automobile club; Germany)
MCDMichael Clarke Duncan (actor)
MCDMaster of Civic Design (University of Liverpool; UK)
MCDMitel Communications Director (call control software)
MCDMultiple Cause of Death (mortality statistic)
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But as the crisis aggravated and MCD employees went on an indefinite strike, the Delhi government announced a loan of ` 551 crore -- ` 314 crore for the north body and ` 237 crore for the East MCD.
Although South MCD has made part payments but the North and East MCD have not paid any heed to our demand," alleged Sunil Vohra, president of Delhi municipal contractor association.
MCD is a complex disease and up until this point, physicians have tried to reduce lymph node masses and put the disease in remission through a combination of treatments, but MCD often returns.
We are glad to partner with MCD and look forward to working closely with them to further develop the services that we provide, said Ravneet Chowdhury, CEO of Standard Chartered Oman.
Click here to see a Weekly Chart of MCD Since January 2004 and a Monthly Chart of MCD Since January 1998 With respective 10-Unit and 20-Unit Moving Averages: http://www.
Since the present software applications delivered by Tech Mahindra were meant for the unified MCD, when the trifurcation of MCD happened, we had to trifurcate the services.
According to various MCD departments, the distribution was delayed because of the legislative council elections in 2012 and then the MCD trifurcation.
The MCD, however, ensured the court that they will take action in this regard.
The three corporations -- MCD ( North, South, East) -- have decided to start distributing the pension in batches of three months at a time.
Chandra wrote a note on a wall outside her sealed residence blaming MCD officials and her neighbours for driving her to despair.
MCD also forecast first-quarter earnings of 49 cents per share, in line with the consensus estimate.
THE chief information commission ( CIC) has fined two MCD officials ` 25,000 each in two separate cases for delay in supplying information to an RTI activist.