MCDAMicro Channel Developer'S Association
MCDAMultiple Criteria Decision Analysis
MCDAMultiple Criteria Decision Aid
MCDAMilitary and Civil Defence Assets
MCDAMicrosoft Certified Database Administrator
MCDAmilitary and civil defense assets (UN)
MCDAMultnomah County District Attorney (Portland, OR)
MCDAMinnesota Career Development Association
MCDAMilwaukee County Department on Aging
MCDAManitoba Conservation Districts Association (Canada)
MCDAMissouri Choral Directors Association
MCDAMono-Chorionic Di-Amniotic (twins)
MCDAMinneapolis Community Development Association
MCDAMarin County Dart Association (California)
MCDAMineral County Development Authority
MCDAMercer County Deer Alliance (New Jersey)
MCDAManaged Care Decomposition Analysis
MCDAMarion County Dental Association (Ocala, Florida)
MCDAMission Critical Domain Administrator (Microsoft Windows 2000)
MCDAMorris County Dart Association (New Jersey)
MCDAMorris County Dance Academy (Oak Ridge, New Jersey)
MCDAMinnesota Choral Directors Association
MCDAMedina Centre for Dance Art (Medina, OH)
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The main rationale behind collaborative MCDA is that the approach provides a mechanism for developing a constructive, creative, and transparent dialogue among stakeholders involved in the decision process rather than merely supporting them in the identification of the best alternative.
A metodologia utilizada na estruturacao do modelo foi a MCDA (Multi Criteria Decision Analysis ou Multicriterio de Apoio a Decisao), e teve um decisor, um grupo de intervenientes e um facilitador.
Moreover, their study is partially based on multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) techniques, which corroborate some of our orientations (for a deeper discussion on MCDM/ MCDA, see Roy and Vanderpooten, 1997; Belton and Stewart, 2002).
Every user performed MCDA and the time spent on identifying the best site using the MCDA module is comparable.
Two-thirds of the project is being funded by a Department of Housing and Community Development grant, with the balance paid for by savings generated by the MCDAs solar net-metering credit program which will be starting in August.
For this reason El-Gayar and Fritz (2010) developed theoretical model of DSS, which is based on MCDA framework.
MCEQLS approach consists of the complex application of a number of scientific principles, methods and requirements as follows: (1) the principles of MCDA for identification of the quality criteria, (2) technological quality criteria classification principle, and (3) experts' additive utility function using normalised weights of the quality criteria (Kurilovas et al.
MCDA has many characteristics, such as the integration of diverse information and the handling of conflicting objectives, which make it a useful tool for supporting environmental impact assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) processes.