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It was observed that the flexural strength of uCDF and mCDF - HDPE composites initially decreases which may be attributed to non- uniform distribution of the fibre in the matrix and then, increases which may be due to good dispersion of fibre in the matrix and stabilization of molecular orientation of fibre (Chandramohan and Marimuthu, 2011).
The ultimate hardness of mCDF and aCDF - HDPE composites increased by 39.29 and compatibility between the fibre and matrix with increased fibre loading.
Figure 4 shows that the impact strength of the uCDF, mCDF and aCDF - HDPE composites increases with increasing fibre loading for up to 3.75%.
In the MCDF problem on MMN, there exists a set of products that are manufactured in several multiproduct production sites (sources) and shipped to a set of markets (sinks) where they are sold.
The problem formulation in (1)-(5) represents MCDF in a continuous-time setting.
With our modeling approach, we can formulate any MCDF problem on a SMMN as a problem which possesses the block angular structure.
Given the constraint matrix A from a large sparse LP problem (like MCDF), it is often possible to choose a pair of partitions so that the nonzero elements of A are connected to relatively few of the blocks in the block structure (and normally these blocks will themselves be sparse).
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The full relativistic generalization of the MCHF approximation is the MCDF method.
Table 2 shows wavelengths for the 2[s.sup.2]2p-2[s.sup.2]2p and [2sp.sup.2]-[2s2p.sup.2] transitions according to MCHF+Bp, HFR and MCDF methods.
In MCDF this ratio is poor for A calculation, but somewhat good for B calculation (0.253-0.830).