MCDLMedina County District Library (Medina, OH)
MCDLMarine Corps Distance Learning
MCDLMaster Controlled Documents List
MCDLMulti-Channel Data Link
MCDLMonroe College Distance Learning (Monroe College; Bronx and New Rochelle, NY)
MCDLMachine Code Detection Location
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Among the 28 methods in Table 1, the top four methods are all deep learning based methods, including MCDL [9], RFCN [11], MDF [8], and DBS.
The order of images are original image, ground truth mask, BL [32], CA [33], CB [34], DRFI [25], DSR [35], FT [23], GC [36], GS [37], HM [38], HS [7], LEGS [10], LRR [39], MC [40], MCDL [9], MR [24], PCA [41], BD [42], RC [14], RFCN [11], SBF [43], SEG [44], SF [45], SMD [46], MDF [8], SS [47], SVO [17], TD [48], and DBS.
A device called the multi-channel data link (MCDL) is used to simultaneously acquire external analog signals, such as the pressure or force, with the image acquisition and correlate these signals with each image frame.
ND 652 was also shown to be very resistant to the MCDL, THBJ, TCCK, and TBBG races of leaf rust at the seedling stages and to the most prevalent races in the field at adult plant stage (Bush and Linkert, 1989).