AcronymDefinition (volunteer computing project)
MCDNMicroCellular Data Network (Ricochet wireless cellular internet service)
MCDNMeridian Customer Defined Network
MCDNMarine Corps Data Network
MCDNMalopolskiego Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli (Polish: Malopolskiego Teacher Training Center)
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We tested many CDNs to complement the Akamai CDN, but only Aura MCDN proved to offer the same levels of reliability and quality.
Integrated with Akamai's Media Delivery Services, the Aura MCDN provides Sky the architectural infrastructure it sought.
Visa can utilize Metricom's MCDN to transmit point-of-sale information on a Visa card transaction across networks of wireless radios in each market worldwide.
In countries where Metricom will offer this service, including the United States, Visa is positioned to use MCDN as its preferred wireless data communications solution for financial transaction processing.