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The development strategy documents of the Riga region (for the forthcoming period of 2014-30) comprise several documents with visionary targets for environmental quality (MCDP ...
NCDA offers the Master Career Development Professional (MCDP) honor only to those members who provide specialized career development services.
MARINE CORPS, DEP'T OF THE NAVY, CAMPAIGNING: MCDP 1-2, at 4 (1997) (stating that "the operational level [is] the link between strategy and tactics").
Marine Corps Doctrine Publication (MCDP) 6, Command and Control, presents two fundamental approaches for C2: (1) detailed C2, a centralized approach to execution, and (2), on the other end of the C2 spectrum, mission C2--the Corps's way of carrying out decentralized execution with mission-type orders.
The Los Angeles Harbor Commission recently approved $7.5 million for the final phase of the Port of Los Angeles' main channel deepening project (MCDP).
Wall, EdD, CDFI, MCDP. Wall has worked at the federal, state, and school district levels in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and career development.
In the logistics concepts and doctrine phase, we examined the theory, nature and levels of logistics and the Marine Corps warfighting philosophy as set forth in MCDP 4 followed by a comprehensive examination of principles/functions from the perspective of MAGTF/ACE/GCE G4/S4 and Combat Service Support Element (CSSE) G3/ S3.
(9.) Haller AO, Torrecilha RS, Haller MCDP, Tourinho MM.
[21.] Lyra MCDP. Desenvolvimento de um sistema de relacoes historicamente construido: contribuicoes da comunicacao no inicio da vida.
The experiment was carried out at the Mushroom Center Development Project (MCDP), Savar, Dhaka between July and December, 2005.
Denham, MCDP, a Managing Partner and Career Counselor with the firm "Careers In Transition", in Albany, NY, who along with PIANY have graciously permitted me to share some of the following information with you here in this column.