MCDSTMicrosoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
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Global Mentoring once again demonstrates leadership with the industry's first online labs for Microsoft's latest certification, providing individuals with a hands-on learning opportunity for MCDST exam and career preparation.
Keeping pace with market demands, these labs offer timely and relevant reinforcement for MCDST certification preparation," said Wayne Goldstein, Global Mentoring's CEO.
MCDST exams require proficiency in installation, configuration and customization of desktop systems and software.
Real-Time Labs enables individuals to build MCDST skills by practicing certification-specific tasks as often as needed, from wherever they are," adds Goldstein.
The 5-day accelerated MCDST provides an intensive overview of the Microsoft Windows Operating System for help desk agents and support personnel.
It reflects the importance of the Windows operating system, as well as the people who support that, and we are pleased to be the first training provider to offer the MCDST," Denzler added.
For more information on the MCDST program, and course listings, please go to http://www.
It's great to see the CISSP and PMP mentioned in the company of the big boys and it's really interesting to see how quickly the new MCDST is catching on in popularity.