MCDUMultifunction Control and Display Unit
MCDUMultipurpose Control Display Unit (aviation)
MCDUMilitary and Civil Defence Unit (OCHA)
MCDUMulti-Function Control Display Unit
MCDUModular Connerctorized Distribution Unit
MCDUMercaptolactate-Cysteine Disulfiduria
MCDUMaster Control Display Unit (Airbus and newer generation Boeing products)
MCDUMultibay Compact Disk Unit (Compaq)
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This coordination step is called activating the approach and is achieved by pushing a key on one of the MCDU pages.
This required the pilot to program these constraints into the flight computer through the MCDU keyboard.
The MCDU display indicated this change (the loss of the altitude constraints) through the disappearance of two normally present indications.
In the latter three cases, however, in which the pilots had to realize the problem based on a review of the data on the MCDU HOLD page, they needed help from the instructor to realize that a problem existed and to modify their input to resolve the problem.
In this situation, pilots programmed the anticipated ILS approach to runway 24 L in the MCDU, including a number of ATC altitude constraints for their arrival.
The other 7 pilots did remember to resume "normal climb" upon reaching 9000 feet, but they selected the "open climb" mode (instead of "managed vertical navigation"), which, similar to the EXPEDITE mode, does not honor constraints programmed into the MCDU.
These pilots pointed out that other automation-related indications and displays such as the flight mode annunciations on the PFD, the engine monitoring displays, the multifunction control-display unit (MCDU), and the navigation display on the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) now need to be included in their scan to keep track not only of the aircraft but also of the automation configuration and behavior.
The proposed MCDU provides the useful features in simple active filters.
Behavioral model of the MCDU in filtering application (Fig.
A knowledge of [R.sub.p] and [R.sub.n] is critical for estimation of the accurate operation of the MCDU. We measured frequency dependent impedance Zp and [Z.sub.n] typical of proposed MCDU (impedance analyzer HP4294A).
Despite some differences, we can conclude that the experiments confirmed and verified functionality of the reconfigurable filtering structure and we have really emulated behavior of reconfigurable filter based on ideal conception of MCDU device.