MCDVMaize Chlorotic Dwarf Virus
MCDVMaritime Coastal Defence Vessel (Canadian Navy)
MCDVMaximum Cell Delay Variation (Sprint-ATM)
MCDVMisdemeanor Crimes of Domestic Violence
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Team members Mark Jones, an agronomist, and Bob Anderson, an entomologist (now retired), were largely responsible for identifying the part of the corn genome that holds genes for resistance to MCDV and developing genetic markers for these genes.
A comparative test (1995 Wooster, OH) of Oh1VI with the MCDV resistant inbred line Mp705 (Pratt et al.
The seven-year MCDV construction project, valued at about $650 million, remains on schedule and has not incurred any cost overruns under the supervision of Fenco MacLaren, an engineering, project management and systems integration company.
The KINGSTON Class MCDVs will be used primarily by the Naval Reserve to conduct coastal patrol and surveillance as well as minecountermeasure missions.
Having realized long ago that that my sea legs are wobbly at best, I decided to send Darcy Knoll, our senior writer, on the next MCDV cruise we're offered.
NOTE: For the attentive readers, the third MCDV, whose name escapes me (I was on vacation after all), did not return to HMCS Cabot, as she was headed off to the Grand Banks to conduct a fishery patrol.
I think the ships will have varied employment and a little premature sense, we're still six plus years away from actually commissioning them, but they'll certainly have the same kind of varied employment that the MCDVs do and they'll have the flexibility to contribute in all three of our ocean areas.
If you look at the way the MCDVs are maintained, they are maintained by contractors who have regular ongoing access to the ships compared to the frigates and destroyers that go halfway around the world and I'm not sure how much there would be in a mid-life re-fit for those ships compared to the kind of work that we're talking about for the Halifax-class.
Since the MCDVs only travel into the lakes about once each year, this slight catch can be accommodated.
Canada needs ships to combat our real threats--overfishing, polluters and drug smugglers--and the MCDVs aren't up to the task.
By 2010 our three destroyers are expected to be over the end of their lifespan, our frigates will be starting their mid-life upgrade, the MCDVs will still be too slow and too small, and our support ships will still be waiting for a replacement.
Although all twelve of the proposed MCDVs were in fact built, launched, and remain afloat, the up-front meddling in the contracts resulted in a significant reduction in the operational capabilities of these ships.