MCDVSMaryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services (est. 1956)
MCDVSMichigan Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
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He says one nuance of operating in the Great Lakes instead of in the Mediterranean or off the Atlantic Coast is that the shipboard water filter system "can only make fresh water with salt water." Since the MCDVs only travel into the lakes about once each year, this slight catch can be accommodated.
Having sailed with three different MCDVs, Aikens says her favourite part is the small crew because everyone on board feels like one big family.
Our MCDVs have repeatedly stepped-up while we've modernized our fleet of Frigates.
And how do our 12 MCDVs, launched in the mid-1990s, compare?
Caption: The Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV) HMCS Edmonton returns to CFB Esquimau in April after a deployment on Operation CARIBBE.
Canada needs ships to combat our real threats--overfishing, polluters and drug smugglers--and the MCDVs aren't up to the task.
You may be getting the feeling that the name was chosen not because of what these ships would actually be doing, but because selling Canadians on a trumped up sovereignty threat was a heck of a lot easier than asking taxpayers for a $3-billion dollar do-over to replace our underperforming fleet of the Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDV).
When the fog lifted from the harbour on our first morning, we realized that three Canadian maritime coastal defence vessels (MCDV) were in port.
I think the ships will have varied employment and a little premature sense, we're still six plus years away from actually commissioning them, but they'll certainly have the same kind of varied employment that the MCDVs do and they'll have the flexibility to contribute in all three of our ocean areas.
When they were first commissioned, it was announced that the MCDVs would be offering coastal surveillance until 2055.
In an effort to cut costs, the Navy would place a number of ships on low readiness status (i.e., be at sea for only 80 days a year), Oberon submarines would be decommissioned, the Moresby and Anticosti would be eliminated, while two MCDVs might be sold to the Department of Fisheries.
Even the Naval Reserves' relatively small-scale maritime coastal defence vessel (MCDV) program was hampered by bureaucratic and political interference.