MCDWModified Charge Density Wave (radiation measurement value)
MCDWModified Circumpolar Deep Water (geophysics)
MCDWMedina County Democratic Women (Medina, OH)
MCDWMonthly Climate Data for the World
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MCDW developed a 60-80 strategy (aiming to connect 60% households and 80% commercial) but funding this strategy is problematic leaving the most vulnerable people without safe and affordable drinking water.
Monthly Climatic Data for the World (MCDW) is a publication of monthly summary climatic data from around the world.
"Several lines of evidence support the conclusion that rapid basal melt of the TIS is driven by the flux of warm mCDW (modified Circumpolar Deep Water) into the cavity: the presence of warm water at the ice front, the existence of a deep trough providing access of this warm water to the cavity, direct measurements of mass and heat transport into the cavity, the signature of glacial meltwater in the outflow, and exchange rates inferred from the heat budget and satellite-derived basal melt rates."