MCE1Mammalian Cell Entry Operon 1
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Further work determined that LucA interacts with subunits of specific proteins in the Mce1 and Mce4 complexes, which import fatty acids and cholesterol, respectively.
First group of multi-cloud environment MCE [C.sub.1] [C.sub.2] [C.sub.3] [C.sub.4] MCE1 {a, b, c} {d, e} {c, d} {a, b, c, e} MCE2 {a, b} {c} {b, e} {a, d, e} MCE3 {a, c, e} {e} {a, b} {c, d} MCE4 {b, c, e} {c, d} {a, b, c} {d, e} MCE5 {a, b} {b, c} {c} {a, d, e} Table 2.