MCEITSMarine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (US Marine Corps)
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The Marine Corps has invested significantly in the MCEITS program, as well as the host facility, the Marine Corps IT Center in Kansas City.
This is the facility that hosts the MCEITS program of record, and we intend to maximize its potential by continuing to consolidate significant parts of the Marine Corps enterprise level IT capability under that roof, enabling a more responsive and efficient use of resources.
Q: Is MCEITS the way that the Marine Corps is going to tie into the JRSS, the Joint Regional Security Stacks?
These services provide the government operations and support for the application and service hosting environment for the Marine Corps Information Enterprise (MCIENT), unclassified and classified MCEITS Operations Capability and Enterprise IT Center (EITC), including the processes and functions necessary to ensure successful management, oversight, operations and maintenance of the capability on the Marine Corps Enterprise Network.
Under the terms of the contract, General Dynamics is to design, build and integrate the first MCEITS Enterprise IT Center, which provides application hosting capabilities, enterprise shared services, access to enterprise-wide information, collaboration and information sharing across business and warfighter domains.
The Marine Corps made a very good decision with MCEITS for compliance with OMB's data center consolidation (Office of Management and Budget Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative).
Using an inclusion process and leveraging the capital planning and investment control (CPIC) process, the Marine Corps will develop relevant metrics and assess proposed services/applications for enterprise deployment onto MCEITS.
Q: Can you talk about the progress in establishing the MCEITS framework which hosts an application and data hosting environment with supporting communications, computing network information assurance, and enterprise services infrastructure?
Additional Marine Corps applications are scheduled to move onto the MCEITS environment during fiscal year (FY) 13.
In addition to that, whatever we do with MCEITS out in Kansas City, Mo., we need to make sure that we can take pieces of that and deploy it for our operating forces, either aboard ship or on shore, or wherever they go, and that's what we are going to be able to do with that.