MCEMMultinational Congress on Electron Microscopy (now Multinational Congress on Microscopy)
MCEMMonte-Carlo Expectation-Maximization
MCEMMarine Corps Expeditionary Medal
MCEMMaster of Construction Engineering Management (Lawrence Technological University and Montana State University)
MCEMMembership of College of Emergency Medicine (UK)
MCEMMississippi Certified Emergency Manager
MCEMMultiple Cerebral Embolic Model (ischemia)
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Girish Rao,GR's managing consultant, said: ``One MCEM could meter the electricity supply to several consumers in multistorey buildings, blocks of shops and holiday homes.
RHE = Rural Hospital Experimental; RHC = Rural Hospital Comparison; CHE = Community Hospital Experimental CHC = Community Hospital Comparison; MCEs = Medical Center Experimental Surgery; MCCs = Medical Center Comparison Surgery; MCEM = Medical Center Experimental Medicine; MCCM = Medical Center Comparison Medical
Collaboration and accurate information is critical in emergency situations," said MCEM Director Tom Simpson.