MCEPMandatory Continuing Education for Psychologists (California)
MCEPMotor Carrier Evaluation Program
MCEPMaster Certified Estate Planner
MCEPMicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal (Program)
MCEPMedical Control Emergency Physician
MCEPMulti-Cultural Education Program
MCEPMicrosoft Certified Exam Provider
MCEPMaterial Collection and Exchange Platoon (US Army)
MCEPMilitary Combat Eye Protection
MCEPMulti-Configurational Electron Propagator
MCEPMetropolitan Coverage Enhancement Project (Australia)
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Both the MCEP and Project Crossroads were successful in achieving their goals of increasing employment rates and decreasing recidivism rates among participants who had been favorably terminated (meaning that they had successfully completed the programs).
section] 3161(h)(2), the provision that allows for exclusion of time pursuant to a deferral agreement, mentions both the MCEP and Project Crossroads, noting that "[s]uch diversion programs have been quite successful with first offenders.
By the end of 2004, every deployed or deploying Soldier had an APEL-approved MCEP device, and soon thereafter Soldiers began to receive MCEP devices upon accession.
MCEP devices clearly protect the wearer and prevent eye injuries, but they are not designed to stop a bullet or protect the wearer just 3 meters from a massive blast.
En la propuesta pedagogica y politica de Concejo Educativo coinciden varios elementos presindicales, politicos, asamblearios, movimiento autonomo, el MCEP, y se aglutinan en torno a la organizacion de los llamados Encuentros de Ensenantes (el primero se celebra en Salamanca, 1977) y Escuelas de Verano (la primera en Salamanca en 1978).
DISA will use the MCEP for mission-critical gateway traffic routing of classified and unclassified data without having to upgrade each customer enclave.
Over R5 billion that was originally set aside for this MCEP was fully committed.
MCEP was initially designed amongst others as an instrument to support enterprises in the production sectors of the economy soon after the onset of the global economic recession, raise competitiveness and retain employment.
ED has developed MCEP Maritime Copernicus Enablement Platform, based in open-source technologies, in order to offer to developers an easy way to exploit this data by means of an open API.
MCEP is a package of incentives designed for established manufacturers with the aim of promoting competitiveness and ensuring job retention.
Minister Davies added that the MCEP is being deployed towards upgrading the competitiveness of relatively labour-intensive and value-adding manufacturing sectors impacted by the currency, the global economic crisis and electricity cost escalations.
1+ 2010 safety compliant and military ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 rated.