MCEPManufacturing Cost Effectiveness Programs
MCEPMandatory Continuing Education for Psychologists (California)
MCEPMulti-Carrier Entry Point (cell phone network; US DoD)
MCEPMotor Carrier Evaluation Program
MCEPMaster Certified Estate Planner
MCEPMicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal (Program)
MCEPMedical Control Emergency Physician
MCEPMaterial Collection and Exchange Platoon (US Army)
MCEPMicrosoft Certified Exam Provider
MCEPMulti-Cultural Education Program
MCEPMilitary Combat Eye Protection
MCEPMulti-Configurational Electron Propagator
MCEPMetropolitan Coverage Enhancement Project (Australia)
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Both the MCEP and Project Crossroads were successful in achieving their goals of increasing employment rates and decreasing recidivism rates among participants who had been favorably terminated (meaning that they had successfully completed the programs).
Por la tarde tuvo lugar una mesa redonda sobre Maestras freinetistas durante la Dictadura: Resistencia e innovacion, moderada por Merce Viana (mcep.pv) y en la que intervinieron, contando sus testimonios y vivencias personales, las maestras, miembros del mcep.pv: Pilar Calatayud, Adela Costa, Maria Perez, Carme Miquel y Roser Santolaria, todas ellas miembros de la que podriamos denominar "segunda ola freinetista", ya que fueron protagonistas destacadas de la recuperacion de las tecnicas Freinet en los anos del franquismo y la transicion en tierras valencianas.
Nevertheless, just one study, which was performed with a low-sample size, recorded the effects of a MCEP on functional parameters of hypertensive patients [13].
By the end of 2004, every deployed or deploying Soldier had an APEL-approved MCEP device, and soon thereafter Soldiers began to receive MCEP devices upon accession.
They meet the updated MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) MCEP Standard for ballistic eye protection.
The Masters in Continuing Educational Practice (MCEP) will be targeted at teachers at the beginning of their careers; experienced practitioners who wish to develop and deepen their classroom practice; and those working in a middle-level leadership role.
Enterprise Investment Programme (EIP)Manufacturing Investment Programme (MIP)Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP)Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme (ADEP)Tourism Support Programme (TSP)Film and Television Product IncentivesBlack Business Supplier Development Programme (BBSDP)Company RegistrationsBusiness PlansLoan Applications
Mid-Con Energy Partners LP (MCEP) shares dropped 1.52 percent to $21.56 in after-hours trading.
On the next screen, click on MCEP Table of Replacement Items 20Jan-12.
State provincial mandatory continuing education in psychology (MCEP) requirements--2006 survey results.
Cuadernos de Cooperacion Educativa, 6, Sevilla: Movimiento Cooperativo Escuela Popular (MCEP).
Duggan, MD, CPE, FACEP, is the 2008 Emergency Physician of the Year, an award presented by the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians (MCEP).