MCERMarco Común Europeo de Referencia (Para Las Lenguas)
MCERMain Communications Equipment Room
MCERMassachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCERMarginal Cost-Effectiveness Ratio
MCERMothers and Caregivers Economic Rights (task force; National Organization for Women)
MCERMotion Compensated Error Residual
MCERMaximum Contrast Enhancement Ratio (neurilemmoma)
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Segun Perez Serrano (2015), el MCER establece lo que deben aprender y adquirir los alumnos de lenguas extranjeras.
La asignatura bloque cultura, para conseguir su objetivo, tendria que tomar en cuenta las recomendaciones del mcer y el pcic y, solo asi se podria adquirir la competencia comunicativa intercultural.
Se focaliza en las competencias generales del individuo, la competencia comunicativa por via de tareas, estrategias y textos (MCER, 2002).
MCer. Peabody (voiced by Burrell), the most accomplished dog in the world, and his mischievous boy Sherman (Charles), use their time machine to go on outrageous adventures.
With deliberation, we refine the core of ECS, namely, propose a novel objective function used by the RS (relative superiority) and a new criteria used by the MCER (makespan-conservative energy reduction technique) phases of ECS, to derive a new heuristic.