MCESMetropolitan Council Environmental Services (Minnesota)
MCESMississippi Cooperative Extension Service
MCESMarine Corps Engineer School
MCESMontgomery County Elementary School (Georgia)
MCESMission Critical Enterprise Solutions (Zuken; annual conference)
MCESMulti-Carrier Energy System
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Mozart Kwaku Owuh and other MCEs and District Chief Executives (DCEs) who still have galamsey happening in the areas of control, are failing to meet one key KPI and they should be relieved of their responsibilities, but still given a hearing.
Statins form part of the first line treatment of CAD but reduce Major Cardiac Events (MCEs) in preventative studies by as little as 0.2-0.6%.
In response, studies were conducted to measure the cost of disease treatment using a "Medical Care Expenditure Index" (MCE) (Berndt et al.
Within this framework, BEA also introduced the Medical Care Expenditure (MCE) Index to measure the change over time in the costs of treatment within these disease categories.
Our study area was at Pulley Ridge, a mesophotic coral ecosystem (MCE) in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, which has large populations of red grouper and a high density of grouper pits.
Part of developing a task organization is assigning MCEs, including initial command and support relationships.
Some of these obstacles can be overcome using an information-structuring process such as multicriteria evaluation (MCE).
Scores on the three PICI subscales (ABS, MCES, and SRS) correlated with age to a lesser extent, and SRS scores for males were significantly higher than for females (U = 36429.5, Z = -2.851, p = .004, N = 589).
Can MCES actually foster learners to be self-regulating agents?
D., del Instituto de Servicios Multiculturales Educativos (MCES) de los Angeles, California, presento una orientacion general respecto de los servicios de salud mental, y discutio los factores de riesgo con los que se enfrenta la poblacion menos privilegiada y los niveles de prevencion que pueden ofrecerse para reducir estos riesgos.
Catastrophic mass casualty events (MCEs), such as major earthquakes or hurricanes, pandemic flu outbreaks, or large-scale terrorism-related events, have the potential to result in thousands of victims whose needs will overwhelm local and regional health care systems, personnel, and resources.
The strategy of using topic-color associations to produce MCEs hinges on the learner's encoding of color and the formation of topic-color associations in memory.