MCFBMulti Cultural Family Base (UK)
MCFBMonterey County Farm Bureau (Salinas, CA)
MCFBMaui County Farm Bureau (Hawaii)
MCFBMendocino County Farm Bureau (Ukiah, CA)
MCFBManitoba Conservation Forestry Branch (Canada)
MCFBMontgomery County Football (Maryland sports website)
MCFBMarion County Farm Bureau (Florida)
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When aided by the IT in a mass, unselectively frequent and severe use within the scenery of huge shopping malls (enveloped by a consumerist fever and spiced up by an ever larger cyber--neurosis, disillusional and psychosomatic disorders, and functional illiteracy of misinformed, undereducated, cyber-autistic and egotistic under-aged and hardly-aged individuals-all caused by the constant (in)flow of clusters of addictive alerts on diver--ting banalities), it is an environment which epitomizes what I coined as the McFB way of life.
The state of Hawaii imports 80-90% of its food, according to MCFB, but grows around 50% of its own fruit and vegetables.
Geoff Palmer, Chairman of MCFB explains: "By helping young people experience activities and sharing with peers from various backgrounds we believe we can reduce the risk of BME young people being excluded and of white people having racist attitudes."
(1.) McFB (the McDonalds-Facebook) is the author's neologism.
The cross-generational social contract should be neither neglected, nor built on the over-consumerist, anti-intellectual, trivialized and brutalized McFB way of life.
No doubt, just as the cyber-autistic McFB way of life is the same in any European and Middle Eastern city, so are the radical, wing politics!
Through the pain of sobriety, the Arab protesters are learning that neither globalization nor the McFB way of life (mostly spent in the large air-conditioned shopping-malls) is a shortcut to development; that free trade is not a virtue, but an instrument; that liberalism is not a state of mind but a doctrinated ideology, and finally that the social media networks are only a communication tool, not a replacement for independent critical thinking or for the cross-generational contract.
(1.) The McDonald's--Facebook: McFB is a self-coined expression of author, which--since late 2009--he uses in his university lectures to describe the overly consumerist and instant, disheartened egotistic and cyber-autistic 'modern' way of life.