MCFDMinistry of Children and Family Development (British Columbia, Canada)
MCFDThousand Cubic Feet per Day (measurement; also seen as MCFPD and MCF/D)
MCFDMarin County Fire Department (California)
MCFDMultiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics
MCFDMalta College of Family Doctors
MCFDMultiple Coagulation Factor Deficiency
MCFDMoyer's Corners Fire Department (New York)
MCFDMount Carmel Fire Department (Mount Carmel, PA)
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The Facility will have total processing capacity of 200 mcfd and is expected to start up in 2021.
The wells have a combined average daily production of 678 BOPD and 250 MCFD with an average depth of 20,000 feet.
This article focuses on knowledge gained through a combined Indigenous and ethnographic research study undertaken in 2010 that examined the unique perspectives and experiences of MCFD Indigenous human services professionals (Rousseau 2014).
(170) And this was in fact how the program had been conducted, given the involvement of the MCFD in placement decisions.
The MOG says domestic demand for natural gas in 2014 is to exceed 4,800 MCF/d, although supply and imports will only reach 4,590 MCFd which means there will be a deficit of 210 MCF/d this year.
Yet, loss of ERGIC-53 or MCFD function does not result in an apparent impairment of IgM secretion (our unpublished results and [21]); hence ERGIC-53 maybe auxiliary to but cannot be essential for polymeric assembly of IgM.
After the signing ceremony of the sovereign guarantee agreement, Pakistan's Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources said that the Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement between Pakistan and Iran was for the import of 750 million cubic feet daily (mcfd) of natural gas with a provision to increase it to one billion cubic feet per day.
As reported, the initial maximum flow rate, which was observed shortly after oil flow was established, was 1,040 barrels of oil per day (bopd) and 1,850 thousand cubic feet per day (Mcfd) of natural gas and the average flow rate over the subsequent 12 hours was 780 bopd and 1,700 Mcfd of natural gas.
Presently, the gas shortfall reached its record high in the south Asian country, with a gas demand of around 4050 million cubic feet per day (MCFD) and the supply around 3110 MCFD.
The project is aimed to bring 3.2 Mcfd natural gas from the Yoloten/Osman including (1325 MMcfd) and India (1325 MMcfd).
Naimi said some 500 million cubic feet a day (mcfd) more gas, or around 90,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boed), would be made available for three or four months.
The company, a Delaware-based corporation, proposed construction of a 500 million cubic feet per day ("mcfd") LNG terminal at Robbinston, Maine, on the St.