MCFHThousand Cubic Feet per Hour
MCFHMichigan Capital Fund for Housing (Michigan State Housing Development Authority)
MCFHMulti-Carrier Frequency Hopping
MCFHMaternal, Child and Family Health (various locations)
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Medium: Air or Air/ Helium Mixture Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psia Minimum Operating Pressure: 30 psia Maximum Actual Flow rate: 60 MCFH Actual Flow rate Operating Range: 20:1 (Can be extended by changing master meters) Uncertainty of Measurement: [+ or -] 0.
MCFH required to meet the provincial resident population objective (4,800 marten) was 720,000 ha, of which the amount required to meet Crown land objectives was 345,000 ha.
The flexibility of the concrete building allows this design to accommodate loads from 50 MCFH to 6,000 MCFH by extending building length.