MCFOMiles City Field Office (Bureau of Land Management - Montana/Dakotas)
MCFOMain Campus Finance Office (Georgetown University, Washington, DC)
MCFOMariah Carey Fan Organization (fan club)
MCFOMoses Clawson Family Organization
MCFOMonteverde Cloud Forest Odyssey (Costa Rica; ecotourism)
MCFOMission Center Financial Officer (worship)
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In order to implement a decision-making process using medical check-up fuzzy knowledge, we developed MCFO using the Fuzzy DL SIQjfD) and Fuzzy OWL.
In an analysis of the earnings of trucking executives, researchers use MCFOS data to test theoretical models.
While a standardized operating system for embedded applications is a very good idea, the design was forced to meet the Ada run-time environment rather than the more logical approach of having Ada and the MCFOS designed together.