MCFPDThousand Cubic Feet per Day
MCFPDMillion Cubic Feet per Day (measurement; also seen as MMCFPD, MCFD and MCF/D)
MCFPDMason County Fire Protection District (Grapeview, WA)
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The well tested on October 15, 2012 at a gross rate of 517 BOPD and 1,457 MCFPD on a 14/64" choke with FTP of 1,900 psi from the 7,100' sand in the short string and 258 BOPD and 351 MCFPD on a 17/64" choke with FTP of 580 psi from the Cib Carst sand in the long string, or combined net 840 BOEPD.
In addition, further testing indicated that the well is capable of producing 846 BOPD, 422 MCFPD, and 264 BLWPD (load water) at 283 psig FTP on a 36/64" choke, stated the company.
The Christenson #3-2, which initially tested at 750 MCFPD (125 BOEPD) of natural gas from the Arbuckle formation and subsequently tested natural gas in the Mississippi Dense (Lime) formation, is awaiting regulatory authority to commingle both zones for additional testing.
Current gross production rates are 656 BOPD and 498 MCFPD (gross 739 BOEPD, net 576 BOEPD), on a 12/64 inch choke with 2900 psi FTP.
Offsetting the Seller's acreage, recent completions have been announced with IP rates of as high as 1,242 BOPD and 480 MCFPD in the Oil window, and as high as 3,000 MCFPD and 120 BOPD in the Wet Gas (Condensate) window while still flowing back 1,000 barrels of frac water per day.
Since June 1 it has been producing 65 - 75 BOEPD, comprised of 35 - 45 BOPD and 200 MCFPD, while we continue to de-water the formation.
Also, late in the first quarter of this year RAM drilled the Christenson 3-2 to the Arbuckle formation and recently tested 750 MCFPD of gas.
Production is presently curtailed pending re-routing of a third party gas sales pipeline and, as of this writing, is approximately 226 BOPD, 555 MCFPD and 25 BWPD.