MCFTModular Curved Frame Technology (signage industry)
MCFTMillion Cubic Feet
MCFTMaritime College of Forest Technology (Canada)
MCFTMarriage, Couple, and Family Therapy (psychology education program; Lewis & Clark; Graduate School of Education & Counseling; Portland, OR)
MCFTMarine Corps Family Team Building
MCFTMeromorphic Conformal Field Theory
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He said with the Sayyab discovery the total volume of crude oil in the Thall block had surged to 69,000 barrels and 100 mcft of gas.
The constitutive model was based on the MCFT. The cross section was subdivided into three regions based on the dominant stress conditions: 1D, 2D, and 3D, where the corresponding constitutive models were applied.
This program treats a beam/column cross-section as a stack of membranes on which the response is assumed to follow the MCFT [8,9].
However, following the SC's directive, the state government was compelled to divert 300 mcft ( million cubic feet) water from 2011 for three years from the Chambal river primarily meant for the drinking water supply scheme for Bharatpur's 1,000 villages.
Sarasota, Fla.-based Vista System has developed Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) to fill the gap between custom-fabricated sign systems and modular sign systems.
The electricity consumption is measured in Gwh, gas consumption is measured in MCFT and consumption of petroleum is measured in tonnes.
The cytotoxic activity of the 24 lichen extracts was evaluated in vitro using two murine (the L1210: lymphocytic leukaemia, and the 3LL: Lewis lung carcinoma) and four human (the K562: chronic myelogenous leukaemia, the U251: glioblastoma, the DU145: prostate carcinoma, and the MCFT: breast adenocarcinoma) cancer cell lines and non-cancerous cells, the Vero cell line (African green monkey kidney cell line).
* MasterCraft Boat Hldgs (NASDAQ: MCFT) stock hit $14.36 on Monday morning, setting a new 52-week low.
market, and notes the double-digit decline in registrations in June which was reported Friday, with registrations down ~14% for the month and down ~6% year-to-date, and says he fears the "late cycle" concerns that have weighed on many marine stocks so far this year are beginning to manifest themselves on the demand side, which he feels is likely to continue and is the beginning of "viscous cycle." The analyst also downgraded Marine Max (HZO) and MasterCraft (MCFT) to Market Perform from Strong Buy.
MCFT has been training forest technologists for over 70 years.
[12] by means of the application of the Modified Compression Field Theory (MCFT) [13] to deal with shear strength prediction of circular members.