MCFTModular Curved Frame Technology (signage industry)
MCFTMillion Cubic Feet
MCFTMaritime College of Forest Technology (Canada)
MCFTMarriage, Couple, and Family Therapy (psychology education program; Lewis & Clark; Graduate School of Education & Counseling; Portland, OR)
MCFTMarine Corps Family Team Building
MCFTMeromorphic Conformal Field Theory
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The MCFT card is the primary tool used by CMTL to test and certify memory module compatibility on high end desktop and server motherboards manufactured by Abit, AOpen, ASUS, Biostar, Chaintech, DFI, Epox, FIC, Gigabyte, Intel, Iwill, Legend, MSI, Shuttle, Soyo, and Tyan.
The MCFT card inserts into any PCI slot on a motherboard PCI slot and allows the user to select from one to four different memory stress test levels, each progressive level utilizing a more complex and difficult sequence of test patterns and algorithms.
Using the MCFT card will not be a substitute for the CMTL testing and certification since it represents just one aspect of the certification procedure," stated John Deters, president, CMTL.
CMTL's MCFT card gives those most concerned about quality and stability the advantage they need to compete at a very low cost per recipe tested," Danese said.
Available now, the MCFT card carries free limited lifetime warranty and technical support.
85 per MCFT rate for first slab including the impact of general sales tax will touch Rs.
23 MCFT of vented barrage across kashi river under water supply to Kollur temple and town under DC works.