MCGEMissouri Consortium for Global Education (community colleges)
MCGEMid Cap Growth Equity
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Comparing the DCGE and MCGE of the CC and HOC to those shown in the guides of Embrapa (1991) and Rostagno et al.
HLC presented (Table 4) lower DCGE and MCGE, when compared to HOC, as well as the values in the guide by Rostagno et al.
The MCGEs would be privately owned, but government-chartered and regulated.
Another less common, but equally grammatical, intonation for what follows mcge is that of an ordinary YNQ with an H% at the IP end.
The council proposes 1) a security-level, federal government-guaranteed (GG) "wrap" like that on a Ginnie Mae security; and 2) a private loan-level guarantee from privately owned, government-chartered mortgage credit guarantor entities (MCGEs).
The MCGEs would, in turn, rely on their own capital base, as well as credit-risk retention from originators, issuers and other secondary market entities such as mortgage insurers.
There would be a new government regulator for the MCGEs similar to the role now I played by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
Further, the council recommends that the a MCGEs be limited to core mortgage products r and not be involved in risky loans products.
Each security would have two components--a loan-level guarantee provided by privately owned, government-chartered and regulated mortgage credit-guarantor entities (MCGEs) and a security-level guarantee "wrap" provided by the federal government (see Figures 1 and 2).
Under the plan, a new set of institutions--mortgage credit guarantor entities (MCGEs)--would purchase mortgages and issue mortgage-backed securities supported by those mortgages.
The MCGEs would be privately owned, mono-line institutions focused solely on the mortgage credit guarantee and securitization business.
Unlike today's GSEs, the MCGEs would hold only de minimis portfolios of mortgage assets.