MCH-FPMaternal and Child Health/Family Planning
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Overall, quantitative data indicated a generally low availability of STI services at MCH-FP facilities in Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia: Only 28 percent to 46 percent of the facilities surveyed offered any form of STI diagnosis or treatment, even in areas with resources to do so.
The MCH-FP project--a series of carefully designed reproductive health interventions that may directly and indirectly affect maternal health and mortality--was implemented in Matlab in 1977.
As mentioned, the comparison area is served by the standard government program, and residents do not have access to the range of maternal health services available in the MCH-FP area.
This is also the case for the General Directorate of MCH-FP budget.
For example; the General Directorate of Primary Health Care manages the maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination programme, but the General Directorate of MCH-FP manages the safe motherhood programme.
To explore whether the gap in the incidence of pregnancy termination between the MCH-FP and comparison areas has shrunk, we included interactions between area and calendar year in our regression analyses.
The proportion of pregnancies that were terminated was greater in the comparison area than in the MCH-FP area in all years except 2008 (Figure 1, page 121).
At primary health care level, it was proposed to add STI/HIV prevention activities to MCH-FP services, and a number of papers have been published in the past few years which analyse the advantages and disadvantage of this form of integration in depth.
Firstly, STI/HIV prevention in MCH-FP settings will reach only one group of women and may only consist of risk assessment, education for risk reduction and condom promotion.
Previously, programme activities at district level relied heavily on vertical donor funding that came earmarked for STI/HIV or MCH-FP activities.
and the same for MCH-FP. And what happens then is that from nowhere, they [District Health Management Teams] get a cheque for two million cedis--could you please do training on counselling and so on and we will send you a resource person.
METHODS: Data from the Matlab Demographic Surveillance System on 165,894 pregnancies over the period 1982-2005 were used to calculate four measures of maternal mortality for the MCH-FP and comparison areas.