MCHCPMissouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
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We at Gordian look forward to continuing our partnership with MCHCP to assist their members in adopting healthier lifestyles and reaching their health goals.
To encourage a high rate of participation, MCHCP currently offers employees a $12 discount on insurance premiums each month.
MCHCP shows excellent behavior change outcomes, with 54 percent reporting goal achievement, and an additional 32 percent reporting progress toward their goals.
MCHCP participants receive educational mailings and talk to personal health coaches interchangeably throughout the yearly program cycle for encouragement, further education, and assistance with goal setting and monitoring.
In program year two, MCHCP revised the incentive for participating in the program.
MCHCP covers medical expenses of officers, employees and retirees, including eligible spouses and dependents, of the State of Missouri and certain state agencies and local entities, such as cities, counties and school districts that are admitted into the plan.
On March 16, MCHCP voluntarily dismissed its suit against RightCHOICE, which had accused the insurer of anticipatory breach of contract and tortious interference with MCHCP's members.
In August 1997, RightCHOICE announced that the actions and operations of MCHCP with respect to the contract issues materially affected RightCHOICE's net earnings and delayed its timeline for returning to profitability.
MCHCP has admitted a number of high-risk public entity groups without conducting actuarial or other appropriate analysis, contrary to contractual and legislative requirements.
Through the lawsuit, RightCHOICE is asking the Court to compel MCHCP to negotiate rates in good faith, to award damages for breach of contract and to issue a declaratory judgment on the validity of MCHCP's regulations and actions.
While RightCHOICE was attempting to negotiate in good faith with the MCHCP Board of Trustees, MCHCP counsel filed a lawsuit against RightCHOICE, alleging, among other things, that MCHCP is not subject to Missouri's Sunshine Law.
RightCHOICE alleges that the actions and operations of MCHCP, with respect to these contract issues, have materially affected RightCHOICE's net earnings and delayed its timeline for returning to profitability.