MCHFMissouri Conservation Heritage Foundation (Jefferson City, MO)
MCHFMarine Corps Heritage Foundation
MCHFMontreal Children's Hospital Foundation (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MCHFMulti-Configuration Hartree-Fock
MCHFMillion Confoederatio Helvetia Franc (Swiss Francs)
MCHFMarin Community Health Foundation (California)
MCHFMarine Corps Helicopter Facility
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"Our partnership with Billy Busch and his family once again demonstrates their continued commitment to conservation," said MCHF President Carroll Wilkerson.
Our state's conservation legacy depends on those visionaries," said MCHF Vice President Bruce Sassmann.
"Supporting conservation matters to our state's economy," said MCHF Treasurer David Reynolds.
Busch Brewing Company plans to continue their growing partnership with the efforts of the MCHF. With water being a key ingredient used in their award-winning Kraftig Lager and Kraftig Light, the company is specifically passionate about clean water efforts.
MCHF also promotes citizen opportunities to not only become educated about these resources but to enjoy them as well.
E2 and M1 transition probabilities for boron were calculated by using an extended version of MCHF method which includes relativistic effects in the Breit-Pauli approximation (Fischer, 1983).
The calculations have been performed by MCDF, MCHF and HFR methods (Grant, 2007; Fischer et al., 1997; Cowan, 1981).
In the MCHF method, the wave function (or atomic state function, ASF) [PSI] ([gamma] LS) is expressed as linear combination of configuration state functions (CSFs) [PHI]([[gamma].sub.i] LS),
In this method, the relativistic effects were included as a first-order correction to the MCHF approximation by evaluating Breit-Pauli operators (mass correction and Darwin corrections, spin-orbit, spin-other orbit (spin of one electron and orbit of other electron), orbit-orbit, spin-spin contact terms) using configuration interaction (CI) method formed by Rudzikas (2007).
The full relativistic generalization of the MCHF approximation is the MCDF method.
MCHF code developed by Fischer (2000), Cowan's HFR code downloaded from LANL (2009) website and GRASP code developed by Dyall et al.