MCHFMissouri Conservation Heritage Foundation (Jefferson City, MO)
MCHFMarine Corps Heritage Foundation
MCHFMontreal Children's Hospital Foundation (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MCHFMulti-Configuration Hartree-Fock
MCHFMillion Confoederatio Helvetia Franc (Swiss Francs)
MCHFMarin Community Health Foundation (California)
MCHFMarine Corps Helicopter Facility
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The calculations have been performed by MCDF, MCHF and HFR methods (Grant, 2007; Fischer et al.
In the MCHF method, the wave function (or atomic state function, ASF) [PSI] ([gamma] LS) is expressed as linear combination of configuration state functions (CSFs) [PHI]([[gamma].
In this method, the relativistic effects were included as a first-order correction to the MCHF approximation by evaluating Breit-Pauli operators (mass correction and Darwin corrections, spin-orbit, spin-other orbit (spin of one electron and orbit of other electron), orbit-orbit, spin-spin contact terms) using configuration interaction (CI) method formed by Rudzikas (2007).
The full relativistic generalization of the MCHF approximation is the MCDF method.
MCHF code developed by Fischer (2000), Cowan's HFR code downloaded from LANL (2009) website and GRASP code developed by Dyall et al.
Consequently, the E2 and Ml transition results obtained using the MCHF, HFR and MCDF methods on atomic boron will be useful in above mentioned including fields of physics and the analysis of boron spectrum.
Computational Atomic Structure, An MCHF Approach, 279 pp.
As part of its mission to share the history, traditions and culture of the Marine Corps, the MCHF is working to complete the development and construction of the Marine Corps Heritage Center, which includes the National Museum of the Marine Corps and Semper Fidelis Memorial Park.
The MCHF is also raising funds to produce a major film on Marine Corps history for the Museum's new large-screen theater; complete the Heritage Center Parkway; and make improvements to the Heritage Center, including increased parking and an environmentally friendly roof for the Museum.