MCHLMixed-cellularity Hodgkin’s lymphoma
MCHLMetro Classic Hockey League (Omaho, NE)
MCHLMontreal City Hockey League (Canada)
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Youden's indices in decreasing order in patients younger than 10 years were as follows: S&L > RBC > SI > MI > E&F > MDHL > G&K > RDWI > RDW > MCHL, and in patients older than 10 years were: RDWI > RBC > MI > E&F > SI > MDHL > RDW > S&L > G&K > MCHL.
Form C of the MCHL scales: a condition specific measurement of locus of control.
Tenders are invited for construction of 5 storied bldg for mother and child hub with 10 storied foundation ei works for mother and child hub at the compound of mchl, kolkata sitc of bedcum passenger elevator 15 passngr stainless steel body with v3f control for 2nd lift well