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The following day, Freedom Industries reported that a second chemical (glycol ethers or PPH) had mixed with the MCHM during the contamination of the Elk River, a fact the company had been aware of since January 9 but chose to keep from the public (Plumer 2014).
In a study with construction workers exposed to cement dust and silica, Mandal and Suva found significant reduction of Hb, HCT and MCV, and also significant increase of MCHM and the eosinophil count by comparison to a control group.
West Jan 2014 4-Methylcyclo Virginia hexanemethanol (MCHM) ([section][section] [section][section]) Wisconsin Aug 2014 Giardia duodenalis Wisconsin Sep 2014 Campylobacter jejuni State/ No.
Lack of information on potential health effects of human exposure to MCHM led to conflicting advice about the extent of risk and methods to decontaminate home water systems.
The lack of scientific knowledge about MCHM might sound like a breach of chemical safety laws, but it was perfectly legal.
Both state and federal agencies chose not to regulate Crude MCHM as a hazardous substance and note that it doesn't appear on federal lists of such chemicals, lawyers for the two Waste Management subsidiaries said in a filing.
As West Virginia residents learned in January, when their water supply was contaminated by the leak of a mysterious compound known as MCHM into the Elk River, there are virtually no regulations on the storage of chemicals.
9, when authorities discovered that 7,500 gallons of chemicals--mostly 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) and PPH (polyglycol ethers), both used to clean coal--had leaked from an aging storage tank owned by Freedom Industries into the nearby Elk River.
A January 9 spill of the 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, or crude MCHM, into the Elk River prompted the state to impose a ban on the use of tap water for 300,000 people in the Charleston region.
Mayo Clinic has a patient portal that includes infermarion aggregated from its EMIL In addition, Mayo and Microsoft have co-developed a next-generation true PHR, called Mayo Clinic Health Manager, or MCHM. MCHM delivers individualized recommendations to consumers based on data stored in the patient's Microsoft HealthVault account "Eventually, Mayo intends to make data from its patient portal available to external PHRs, such as MCHM," says Sidna TulledgeScheitel, M.D., Mayo's medical director of global products and services.
The ideas presented come from a physiotherapist in practice (MCHM) and a nurse researcheracademic (AMM) who has studied the topic extensively (McCallin 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006a, 2006b, 2007; McCallin and Bamford, 2007).