MCHWManual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (UK)
MCHWMaternal and Child Health Worker
MCHWMaori Community Health Worker (professional network; New Zealand)
MCHWMother and Child Health Week
MCHWMinnesota Chemical Health Week
MCHWInternational Joint Master’s Program in Circumpolar Health and Wellbeing
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For all three kinds of aggregates the mixture designation was 0/31.5 mm, the maximum fines content was UF9 and Oversize was [OC.sub.75] which meet the requirements of MCHW Series 800 (2007) requirements.
In this research, the procedures for testing and analysis were governed by relevant documents from British Standards (BS), Specification for Highway Works (SHW), Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW) and Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB).
The design has been undertaken in accordance with DMRB and MCHW specifications with the Conditions of Contract based on ICE 5th Edition.
Forty-two percent of women received ANC from a local health worker such as Mother and Child Health Workers (MCHWs) or Auxiliary Health Workers (AHWs), 39 percent from a doctor and 20 percent from a nurse.