MCIBMarine Casualty Investigation Board (Ireland)
MCIBMedical Claim Insurance Branch (Canada)
MCIBMicro-Controller Interface Board (robotics)
MCIBMy Computer Is Broke
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This transaction allows MCIB's customers the best possible service going forward and both Minvielle & Chastanet Ltd and the Goddard Group plan to remain involved in the early stages of the transfer of operations to ensure a seamless transition for our customers, said Anthony Ali, CEO of Goddard Enterprises Ltd, the ultimate parent of MCIB.
MCIB will be a terrific complement to CGM Gallagher Group as we continue to successfully grow our footprint in this region.
The MCIB said a massive amount of water rushed through the vessel tipping it over after part of the hull collapsed.
The MCIB said it was prudent of race organisers to request shore-side assistance but criticised confusion over the 115 boats involved - estimates had ranged from 30 to 91.
The MCIB said a culmination of factors contributed to the tragic death, near Gortmore Bay, including the poor mechanical condition of the watercraft and a lack of training.
The MCIB also said that filming the doomed reality show board had interfered with the proper running of a ship at sea.
A MCIB spokesman said: "The Department of the Marine should promote legislation to introduce maximum blood alcohol levels.