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MCIFMiniature Card Implementers Forum
MCIFMarketing Customer Information File
MCIFMarketing Central Information File
MCIFMiniature Card Implementers Forum (Folsom, CA)
MCIFMeasured Capability Improvement Framework (IBM)
MCIFMontana Cancer Institute Foundation (Missoula, MT)
MCIFMaster Customer Information File (knowledge management)
MCIFMelanocyte Contact Inhibitory Factor
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There is also a natural synergy between our companies and technologies - the rich marketing data found in our MCIF delivered in the online banking environment through DeepTarget banner ads," said John Kassing, President of Marquis.
We have also added fraud detection, MCIF, logging member service events and tracking sales incentive, pulling data directly from the core to assist us in providing a more concise member experience she said.
For financial services, that's highlighted by the rapid development of mobile banking and payment options, including services such as person-to-person payments, personal financial management and remote check deposit - on the front end, and analytics that have taken long-established tools such as MCIF files and 360-degree member relationship views at the teller and contact center desk to all new levels of targeted digital marketing.
Many MCIF programs look at a household strategy; is your pricing structured at the household or individual level?
Oracle provides the business process management software that's now being integrated and yet another third-party solution is used for MCIF functions.
Pilcher advised attendees to "ask for MCIF information at every stage of social media to find out who your members are and what makes them tick."