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MCII is the combination of two self-regulation techniques to enhance goal setting: mental contrasting and goal implementation intention.
MCII was initiated by Munich Re, a reinsurance company, which offers reinsurance for the CCRIF.
El restante 49% se logro a traves de una emision de obligaciones, respaldadas por acciones de la propia MCII.
Similarly, the number of patients who had MCII was significantly higher in the study group at week 3 and remained high till the end of the follow-up period (Table 5).
The claim was denied by the CECOM contracting officer (CO) on March 1, 2001, and the decision of the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) is reported as MCII Generator and Electric, ASBCA 53389, 04-1 BCA 32,569 (March 2004).
50) On 26 September 2001, the Army awarded the contract to MCII Generators and Electric, Inc.
MCII is essentially the ability to use if/then statements to achieve self-control; the individual envisions a desired future, recognizes potential obstacles to reach that future, and identifies strategies to overcome these obstacles.
But, given that CE-202 included interventions like MCII (see Table 2), teachers' limited focus on teaching specific strategies is less clear.