MCIRMichigan Care Improvement Registry (immunization information; est. 1998)
MCIRMichigan Childhood Immunization Registry
MCIRMaine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation (brain injury facility)
MCIRMateriel Change Information Report
MCIRMcHenry County Independent Riders (Illinois motorcycle club)
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Concurrently, the agencies issued memoranda clarifying that the EC Process would be a two-step process beginning with EPA's MCIR Assessment, followed by separate coordination between the Corps and EPA.
With the adoption of the MCIR Assessment and the EC Process, the EPA has expanded its role in the issuance of Section 404 permits and has thus exceeded the statutory authority afforded to it by the Clean Water Act." Opinion at 11-52.
The Court concluded that neither the EC Process nor the MCIR Assessment were procedural rules.
Investigators have yet to find the Neandertals' MCIR gene variant in peoples' DNA.
The Asp84Glu variant of the melanocortin 1 receptor (MCIR) is associated with melanoma.
Identification of common polymorphisms in the coding sequence of the human MSH receptor (MCIR) with possible biological effects.
In sheep, the MCIR gene is located on chromosome 14 and has three main alleles, namely [E.sup.+], [E.sup.d], and e, which are defined by three mutations in the coding region and associated with variation in coat color [9-12].
To assess MCIR genetic diversity in Saudi sheep, a total of 108 animals were selected from eleven flocks representing three indigenous breeds, namely Najdi (n = 41), Naeimi (n = 36), and Herri (n = 18), in addition to 13 Sawaknee sheep, originally from Sudan.
The two primers MF (5'-GAGAGCAAGCACCCTTTCCT-3') and MR (5'-GAGAGTCCTGTGATTCCCCT-3') were used to amplify the complete coding region of MCIR gene from the 108 individual sheep [15].
PGR products of MCIR fragments were cleaned and sequenced by the Advanced Genetic Technologies Center (http://www.
The amplification of the MCIR gene generated a PGR product of 1,170 bp in length from 41 Najdi, 36 Naeimi, 18 Herri, and 13 Sawaknee sheep.