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MCL1Myeloid Cell Leukemia 1
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Seven genes (IL16, CCL1, EEF1G, CD84, MCL1, NFATC4 and IER-5) did not reveal any significant difference between Tharparkar and Vrindavani.
MCL1 is best known as an inhibitor of death via the cell's suicide pathway in a process called apoptosis.
Two of the apoptosis-related genes predicted to be regulated by miR-125b, MAP2K7, and MCL1 have also been shown to have significantly altered expression levels in the nasal epithelium of rats exposed to formaldehyde (Andersen et al.
For example, the miR-15a/16-1 cluster targets genes from the apoptotic pathway: BCL2 [21] (B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2) and MCL1 [myeloid cell leukemia sequence 1 (BCL2-related)].