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(e) No PMCL for Legionella, but EPA established maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) of zero Legionella for drinking water.
The MCLG for lead in water is 0 parts per billion (ppb), but the action level for lead under the Lead and Copper Rule, discussed below, is 15 ppb.
(81.) See FLINT ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER, supra note 1, at 27 ("EPA has set the Maximum Containment Level Goal ('MCLG') at zero for lead because (1) there is no clear threshold for some non-carcinogenic lead health effects, (2) a substantial portion of the sensitive population already exceeds acceptable blood lead levels, and (3) lead is a probable carcinogen.").
MCLG is not enforceable; rather, it is a public health goal.
(57) According to the 2010 CCR, the fluoride injector malfunctioned and the highest fluoride daily level was 19.8 ppm, exceeding the MCL/ MCLG for fluoride.
(196) The preamble to the agency's rule made it clear that the scientific evidence supported the establishment of an above-zero "maximum contaminant level goal" ("MCLG") for chloroform.
The Safe Drinking Water Act requires the EPA to produce maximum contaminant level goals ("MCLG") for water contaminants.
* definitions of Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG), Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), variance and exemption, treatment technique and action level as provided in the proposed rule;
Concerning standard levels of microorganisms in drinking water, EPA's MCLG declared that detection of protozoans, especially Cryptosporidium, is difficult and not technically feasible for routine analysis of human drinking water.
For lead, then, we would expect EPA to set its MCL as close as "feasible" (economically and technologically) to the MCLG of zero, except if it was not "feasible" to ascertain the level of lead contamination through monitoring.
Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned an EPA rule establishing a Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for chloroform, a byproduct of chlorine drinking water disinfection.